13 April, 2012

Till we meet again gang

As we draw closer to the end of the first leg of the FJP, I must say I have mixed feelings.  I am excited about going home, yet sad that I will be leaving a group of wonderful, some free-spirited and highly motivated and dedicated fellow future journos.  I find solace in knowing that we will maintain relations and keep open lines of communication via the various social media platforms and will meet again in less than three months.

I have made some close friends whom I know I will carry with me for a very long time. It is always said "everything happens for a reason and that life is worth living" I believe that there is a higher power that has pre-planned and shaped each of our paths, how we live our lives and treat through those paths is in our hands.  This experience has shown me that there is so much more to life and that life is not just for living, it is to be enjoyed, savoured and marvelled in.  In the words of young hip hop artist Nicki Minaj "to live doesn't mean you're alive". With those words I say, we owe it to ourselves to enjoy each and every opportunity presented to us that is how I feel about this particular experience. 

I have learnt a lot from this programme, not only in the classroom environment but in every experience I have encountered on this trip.  I am humbled at the opportunity and truly am grateful to be here and receive all these gifts of education and unequivocal wealth of knowledge.

Well, to all my fellow FJPeers, I have loved every moment spent laughing, chatting, acting crazy and just being in each other’s space.  I will miss the crazy dining hall conversations about "potatoes" amongst other things that is.  You are a wonderful and crazy bunch, I love your individualism, your zest for life, most importantly though, your passion for journalism and what it means to you as an individual.  I respect each and every single one of you and truly hope that we will maintain good relations throughout and even beyond this programme.

See you all back here in June, hopefully with more passion and more crazy stories to share.

Peace and Love

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