20 April, 2012

Journalism a great career

Developed societies still share the same value of information with traditional societies.All humans have exchanged similar mix of news and information. Its clear there is demand for news and its journalist task to tell and uncover stories to the masses for general consumption.

Journalism is a tough at the same time a rewarding career. When i was growing up as a young boy have always wanted to be journalist probably i will be at some stage.  I loved writting a lot and my brother will often say if you love writting, then journalism is certainly the career of yours. I have never took him seriously, but now i  know what he meant.

Journalism demands a lot  and needs someone who is committed, dedicated and disciplined. A journalist should be willing to overwork, have the nose for news, sound knowledge of current affairs, have excellent writting skills, posess good communication skills, good time keepers, excercise patience,  be people's person, be responsible, avoid accepting bribes journalism, be prepared to work over time, develop investigative skills, avoid own opinion when writting fuctual reports , know and respect the rules of the proffession.

I have never dreamnt of finding my self in journalism, but now i seee why it is a fantastic career as i am able to experience the world in a different way and explore it. The career of journalism will afford me an opportunity to interact and meet people of all walks and share experiences. We live in a world which is surrounded by media and news. There will be always be a need for a journalist as people constantly want to know what is happening around them.

Journalism as a career is very diversified. There are many options to consider in the feild of media industry that is print media, radio broadcasting and television production. Through my undergraduate second year BA communication management degree, i have taken part in the future journalist programme (FJP) at Rhodes University. It was a fantastic opportunity for which gave me a unique, new insight into how the media industry operates. Through  interacting with other FJPs peers, Sim and other  facilators that gave me the knowledge and skills that will enable me to succeed in the world of journalism. However it is also important to try and acquire as much pratical experience as possible.

Journalism as a career  is interesting for me. It touches, explores the world we are living and the lives of people everyday. The every day news comes from journalist who go out gather and produce them. Television news, radio news and newspapers are operational everyday featuring stories gathered, reported and written by journalist. I love the desire and motivation to succeed, then journalism is the peferct career for me.

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