23 April, 2012

Water shortage affect students

By: Kgowa Tiragalo

Mankweng township,under Polokwane municipality is having a problem of water shortage.The township is a habitat for most of the students who are studying in the University of Limpopo.

As the campus residents are limited,most of the students find themselves not having a chance to stay on-campus so are forced to rent rooms in the township.For the past three days the township has been experiencing water shortage.

This problem is affecting students who are residing in the township because they are forced to fetch water from the campus in the afternoon as they are attending classes during the day.Some students's rental homes are far from the campus so they have to carry the buckets of water on their heads from the campus to their rental homes.

Students are complaining that this problem is consuming a lot of their study time as they are now forced to fetch water during their study time.

One of the students,Sello Phaahla said"I am forced to fetch water during the night because during the day i will be in class.This is painful because i am paying rent but the services are not being rendered.This place is not safe during the night as thugs are running the streets during that time.Students are being robbed of their cellphones,laptops and money.The unfortunate ladies are being gang raped"

The students are concerned about this problem but there is nothing they can do as the situation lies in the hands of their landlords.

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