06 July, 2010

Chilling with an American sister

by Poliswa Plaatjie

I used to say that I enjoy waking up in the morning but guess I was wrong because today I couldn’t get up; my alarm went on at 06:30 and I snoozed it then at 06:40 it went on again then I decided to switch it off.

Eventually I got up and went to take a shower and yeah prepared for the day, was feeling a bit down though I think it’s because my phone has a network problem when I’m in that room so I couldn’t even call my mum.

I attended the Captivate Workshop which was conducted by Chansa Tembo, a video producer from Zambia. There were other students coming in late and there was this girl who had this beautiful hairstyle, I couldn’t tell whether they were braids or her natural hair so I decided to ask her and well they were braids.

Her name is Zahra Nealy 23 from Los Angeles and she is a Master’s Student in Strategic Public Relations at the University Of California. It turned out she has been in the country for nearly a month now and is doing an intern in Cape Town for Thulalre Monareng ; a fashion designer from Soweto.

I was so amazed when she said that she would love to move to Cape Town permanently and there I was wishing that I could to Los Angeles; she also visited Cape Town’s famous township Khayelitsha and well she was surprised to walk inside shacks and see big flat screen TVs and DSTVs and well that’s Cape Town for her.

I love Zahra's hairstyle; it's so unique at first glance you would swear she twisted her own hair because it looks so natural and there is something about her voice it's deep and I think that's sexy.

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