06 July, 2010

Chit chat with North West university journalism lecture

Lebogang Mgiba

As I was walking to Nelson Mandela hall, with my mouth wide open because I was going to collapse from hunger, I decided to do the task we were given last night at our meeting. On my way down to Nelson Mandela Hall, I saw a lady sitting alone outside the journalism department and took that opportunity to interview her.

I was lucky to find someone who’s in my field because I knew I was going to learn something new from the interview. Her name is Cornia Pretorius, a journalism lecture at North West University and a retired journalist (not a former). She has been in the journalism industry for about 17 years now. “I did a bit of everything from sports, politics, court reporting, sports etc but my passion lies in education reporting” said Pretorius.

She has worked for several national newspapers like Sunday Times, Mail &Guardian, Beeld and others. She chose journalism because of the passion she had for writing and her biggest achievement in the industry was when she wrote a story about a young boy from Mamelodi, who had bones disease and his mom used to carry him in trolley to school. “It helped the boy to get into a good private school after people read my story, it’s a small victory but I believe that was my career highlight” she explained.

Mrs Pretorius is a mother of three kids and wife so she hardly gets time to relax, she added that when she gets free time, she uses it for reading, watching movies and listening to music. “When it comes to music it really depends on my mood, now it’s Waka Waka-the official Fifa world cup song but usually I listen to classic music” added Pretorius.

PS: I had I nice chat with her, really enjoyed my self.

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