06 July, 2010

A glance to Comfort Mabuza, director of Media institute of Southern Africa

By Phumlani Nkwanyana

After the bliss filled captivate workshop we had at the Zoo minor, I strolled around Eden grove where there was another workshop about underground radio stations. Different people were sharing their previous highs and lows experiences of being part of underground radio stations. After that knowledge feeding workshop I met up one guy from Swaziland our neighbouring country. (one pictured here) His name is Comfort Mabuza, currently working as the director of Media institute of Southern Africa in Swaziland.
Mabuza was pushed into the media industry by the passion he had, of keeping the society informed about every incident happening in and around the world. Before grabbing the position to die for of being the director, Mabuza worked as the radio journalist in powerful radio stations, which granted him more familiarity to media. He has a detailed insight in media based issues, due to his rarely found interest for communications and media. In previous years, he spent his undivided attention in endeavouring to obtain his qualification which made him well recognised media personnel in the whole continent of Africa. Mabuza studied mass communication in different institutions in countries like United kingdoms and Netherland to name but just the few.

Apart from being part of High way Africa conference, he has been attending other media based conferences which enabled him to see more exciting part of the media industry. Among the biggest conferences he attended are Gender and media conference which was held in the city of gold which is Johannesburg and Access of free information conference in the mother city Cape Town. Mabuza has the strong belief that the African media has the brighter future ahead. “I believe that our media and voice as Africans are about to be part of the global village and play a very pivotal role in advancing journalism and new media”, said Mabuza who was thrilled with the Africa High way conference.

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