06 July, 2010

funky KC from UKZN

by Maluisi Baphe Phukwana

This morning while we were attending the captivate workshop I was in a fortunate position being put in the same group with Kathleen Cerilean Freer, her friends call her “KC” those being her initials. KC was born in KwaZulu Natal at Empangeni, that’s where she did her primary and high school. After finishing metric in 2009 KC took a gap year, during that year KC did short courses just to keep her self busy, she studied: cookery, photography, marketing and public relations. Then in September she was finished with her short course and managed her father’s restaurant.

At the moment KC is doing her first year in Drama and Performance studies at the University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN). She also works for the varsity paper called NUXs the paper was established in 1934, making the oldest varsity paper in South Africa. KC joined NUXs earlier this year, where she wrietes articles and also a photographer. She’s interested in film making, she would love to make music video for City Bowlmizer which is a rock band from Durban.

KC loves science fiction movies, portraiture photographs and making films. He also likes travelling and when she’s travelling she makes short films/videos. She likes hiking and gaming. She also has interest in SA politics.

KC is part of the captivative workshop, she arrived here in graham’s town on Sunday. There are about nine of them here from UKZN attending the conference, she came here through a friend. What she likes most about being here is meeting new people that are already in the field and other fellow students and get to know them, how they think and getting different perspective and angles in dealing with certain issues. “I enjoyed the captivative workshop, where we were showed what democracy documentary is. Making films and documentary is what I’m interested in” said KC.

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