07 July, 2010

What did HAC mean to me?

by Asanda Guwa

Highway Africa Conference has been a life-changing, learning curve for me. The past three days have been absolutely amazing. Apart from constantly wearing a smile on my face thanks to my new found friends, my co FJP buddies, I have learnt so much.

I attended a couple of panel discussions covering a number of topics from Africa’s role on the Global media space, Truthful reporting during times of conflict, Natural resource exploitation and media on disasters and climate change. My favourite one was the Truthful reporting in times of conflict. There I learnt that it is not always easy for Journalists to report the whole truth especially in war zones. There is so much censorship in some countries to the point where reporting the truth could actually cost you your life. Some journalists don’t make it back home from war zones. That hit me hard and I actually spent last night thinking about whether not I could actually do that and I’m still thinking!!!

We also attended some documentary screening sessions which was a lot of fun. We attended Gala dinners with really important people and I got the opportunity to network and make contacts which I will keep in touch with because as I’ve gotten to know here, who you know is very important. More than anything I think that the fact that I can now tweet and blog is really great and I will definitely make sure that I share the wealth of knowledge that I have received here, I share with my peers when I get back to school. This has been a wonderful experience despite acquiring an eye infection which is getting better by the way.

Anele, the lady that has been looking after us said something so which seemed so profound at the time and its only now that I fully understand what she meant. She said “This program is widely recognised and when you leave here you will feel that “I believe you Anele.
I personally declare the Highway Africa Conference a huge success for me.

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