06 July, 2010

My first day at highway Africa conference.

By Venolia Molebo
The first day I arrive here in Grahamstown was a very good day for me, I was really happy. I was really surprised to see a gorgeous university like this one. I met knew people from different provinces speaking different languages. We attended the high way conference the following day the 5th of July 2010 which was held at Eden Grove red and Eden Grove blue. It is my first time attending a crucial conference like this one, I enjoyed a lot at the conference and it was fantastic indeed. It was organised very well and all speakers gave the speech that gave me more power, the hall was full and there was several journalist and news reporters.
I hope and believe that this conference will give me more information and I will know much about my career as it is of paramount importance to know much before I complete my degree because a journalism course needs much practise than other courses. Telekom manager announced that it is important for student to practise. One speaker said a journalist must tell the truth and they must be careful on how they tell it and they must tell what they see. They should choose news that is right to hear. I learned a lot today and I know I am still going to learn more.
And the other talked about what media people should do, she said that media people should go out and talks to people listen to them, provide a platform to people, what they know. Journalist must get enough time or they must give them the opportunity to go round and do stories so that people can know what is going on around them.
I am very happy to take part in this conference, today I had a very good day. The former Ghana president was one the guest speaker today. It gave me more courage so now I can see that the conference is really essential for me.
They also informed us that blogger and twitter are significant we must make them our friends as we will learn lot from those sides. They discussed topics and after discussing they gave us an opportunity to give comments and ask questions, it was indeed great to us, they we were doing some jokes and we kept on laughing. They shared there knowledge with us and encouraged us to focus on our studies and make some practices as this will lead us to get jobs easily and be good In our jobs.
I met a white lady at tea time outside the conference hall who works as a journalist. The lady asked me some question and I answered them all properly and after that she took my particulars. We enjoyed a lot indeed. It was really nice for me to be in that conference as I learned a lot in my first day. I had a very good time in the conference meeting new people, I am very delighted.

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