14 July, 2010

world cup atopsy

Its been intresting. Apart from the sideshows about vuvuzelas and playerz going on strike da action on da pitch has been intresting.

1. A lot of "big name" playerz didn't make it due to injury or omition (benzema, nani, anderson, ferdinand, ballack, nasri, ronaldinhio).

2. A lot of the golden boys were there but neva showed up (messi

3. Tshabalala's opener will take a lot to beat for my moment of the year .

4. The african teams in an african world cup (EISH).

5.Luis suarez hand of devil i think he did what any player wud have done he gave his team a chance it payed off.

6 forlan, villa. Muller. Sneijder. Higuain.Suarez. Klose and vittek all showed that attack is still the best form of defence.

7 we welcome the world cups new young blood thomas muller, mesut ozil, jerome boateng (germany)-johan goorkuf (france)-luis suarez (uruguay) definately ones to luk out for in the future.

8 i wud like 2 mention a couple of players who i think have a minimal chance of exelling from this point foward at international level (thiery henry-frank lampard-miroslav klose-steven gerrad-gigi buffon, fabio cannavaro, daniele de rossi). Its been great knowing u thank u 4 da memories i wönt forget u

My dream team

Coach: oscar tabarez

Iker cassillas
Right back
Sergio ramos
Center back
carles puyol
center back
jorge luguno
left back
philip lahm
defensive midfielder
bastian schweinsteiger
midfield playmaker
attaking midfielder
wesley sneijder
right winger
thomas muller
left winger
musut ozil
diego forlan

manuel muner
jerome boateng
andre iniesta
giovanni van bronkost
dos santos

ones for the future (some we did not see in tho world cup)
luis suarez
Yoann Gourcuff
Sami nasri
Jerome boateng
Mesut ozil
Thomas muller
Javier hernandez
dos santos

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