22 July, 2010

First Times

Sunday the 04th July 2010 was the first day for the first time ever in my life to set a foot upon the prestigious territory of Rhodes University. Our journey has taken us the whole Saturday night travelling. The trip was so nice that I found myself exploring some of major cities, towns and rural vicinities of Free State and Eastern Cape, which it was for the first time in my entire life experience. This has indeed brought a lot of pleasure to me, since I believe my present will help to enhance my writing for the media skills. Our arrival was blessed with cool weather, requiring no coats to spend minutes outdoor.

Our journey ended at Grahamstown, Kimberly Hall of Rhodes University, where we found our mentor and the FJP coordinator, Moagisi waiting to give us directions. It was so marvellous that we even got registered on that very first day of our arrival. For that fact it was clear to realize that we were officially welcomed, as we were also oriented to ensure that we remain familiar with the environment. Things like rules and regulations, official introduction of FJP and lastly meeting other FJP members were some of the included within the welcoming moment. The issue of networking therefore began within the group as we were deliberating about the trip, and how fortunate we were to be selected.

According to my colossal comprehension FJP is a corporate journalism initiative, assisting students and facilitators of media studies, to revamping their writing for the media skills. It entails deliberate motive based upon offering opportunities in journalistic training and lastly, but most imperatively the media in broad. In it, media students explore some of the far- fetched aspects in the field of writing and how to be a good media practitioner. It also ensures that media practitioners gain more understanding in some of constitutional provisions that relate to the South African media industry

Starting from that moment of our arrival I therefore began to realize that our present to this magnitude Highway Africa Conference will therefore, ensure that we are indeed attractive products to the media owners when in need of employees. My utterance follows the fact that Highway Africa is believed of being a sharpener of African media practitioners, and lastly it features many media professionals with the willingness to share both working and teaching experience. Maybe to quote some of those people, the likes of Mathatha Tsedu, John Maguire and Izak Minnaar are some of them I felt pleased to meet with them on my first arrival day.

I really enjoyed how we were exposed to the real media equipments, as to me it was a way to be exposed to media fraternity. I even began to shape some of my intensions and way forward in the field of journalism and media studies. In nut shell, I advocate the use of media than ever before I could be part and parcel of Future Journalist Programme, and by so saying I am ready to partake within each an every activity under FJP.

by Aubrey Mokgerere

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