06 July, 2010

Someone that I met

by Venolia Molebo
Today the 6th of July I went to the conference and I attended from nine to 12 mid day, after attending the conference I moved out of the hall as I was going to get my snacks and after that I moved down the street looking for someone that I can interview then as I was busy walking down the street I met a very beautiful lady next to Eden Grove, she is very bright in complexion with a good smile. She was wearing very nice black formal clothes with a very nice hairstyle.
I greeted her and she replied to me, I appealed her that I want to utilise only five minutes of her quality time. She is a very kind hearted person so she understood and agreed to be interviewed then she gave me the opportunity to question her. She likes interacting with people and she is too friendly.
Her name is Jackie Christie, she come from British far away from Eastern Cape Province, she was previously working as a journalist but now she quitted this journalism job as she said it was not good career for her. She worked as a journalist for many years as she was busy looking for a career that are suitable for her.
She got in to journalism through the BBC and after that she went on to a production training scheme where she worked as a producer on network radio. She stayed with BBC radio making documentaries, features, and series. She was also making magazine progs for ten years at BBC. She then after that went to freelance training people in the media including school children and marginalised communities. She is now a media trainer.
And her current career now is to train reporters in Ghana and Uganda to report on the extractive sector specifically oil and gas, she said she worked in many companies and now she is good with many things, she is a very brilliant person who really know what she want in her life, who has determination on what she do. I really enjoyed interviewing her.

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