09 July, 2010


By Sungeni Chithambo

ANELE - The Mother Hen award for being the best, protective and approachable FJP coordinator we could ask for

ZINHLE - The Fashionista award for being up to date with the latest trends, having the best fashion blog out there and rocking all her black outfits

MINA - The Networker award for networking with anyone and everyone and never hesitating to approach media professionals

LEBOGANG - The Twitterholic award, for always being glued to ur phone and tweeting about anything and everything. I think he also deserves an award for being the only one to enjoy Absa's pink unrolled lamb, and who could forget that hyena laugh?

ASANDA - The LOL award, for spreading her dimpled laughter everywhere she goes :)

POLLIE - The Photogenic award, for never failing to look good in any pic no matter how bad the rest of us look!

MALUSI - The Cool Dude award, for being cool, calm and collected in every situation, except when he seriously wanted to win an MTN hamper and wouldn't stop jumping up and down till he got it!

SIHLE - The Cuckoo! Award for being the craziest, loudest member of our group - never failing to wake up anyone in our corridor and sleeping with his door open on one occasion.

SINDY - The Jiva sexy award, coz she can dance and she knows it! And for showing us that she is not such a quiet chil after all

LUSIZO - The 'I'd rather talk with my eyes award' for using his face to show expression rather than his voice!

JENNY - The 'I don't know the exit but I know where the toilet is!' award, for never failing to find the ladies room no matter where she is

PHUMLANI - The Vuvuzela award for blowing his vuvuzela the loudest at the Uruguay vs. Holland game, and spreading his hype everywhere

AUBREY - The MIA (Missing In Action)for always pulling a dissapearing act, but making up for it with his huge, friendly smile.

ANORTH - The In-focus award for being serious about his journey to becoming an Ombudsman. Let us also not forget the day he got left behind because he fell asleep on his chair!

JUNIOR - The Entertainment award for always cracking us up with his hilarious stories. We sure will miss those. And for being the star of the dance contest even though you didn't win.

VENOLIA - The I'm shy! I'm shy! award for being too too quiet. So tell us girl, are you shy or just quiet?


Malusi 10 said...

i like this.....and what award are you getting????

Zinhle10 said...

Lol, Sushi, only you could pull off something like this!

Sungeni 10 said...

Lol ppl visiting ths blog must know more about us! And i cant give myself my own award malusi