22 July, 2010

Profile on a Professor

It really brought pleasure to me to shake the hand of one of the acknowledged Professors in the field of Journalism and Media Studies who is also invited to serve as the speaker in Highway Africa Conference. His name is Prof Loren Ghiglione, the man with both teaching and working experience. He studied at Harvard University in USA, where he also worked for student paper as freelancer journalist, then promoted to be copy taster and lastly given status as chief editor. He is currently working as a lecturer at the North Western University in the City of Chicago, USA.

His working experience started back in the days where he owned a newspaper company called Southbredge producing daily newspaper named Evening News. This started when he was 28 years old and lasted to exist two decades and six years. In the other hand he gained his teaching skills when he was hired to lecture ethics, global Journalism, southern history, geography and politics at North Western University.
His theme of living is based upon the fact that people must unite which is exactly this conference is willing to attain. Prof L. Ghiglione enjoys every step of his way in this conference, particularly taking in account the fact that he likes networking with different people from all various parts of the world.

Prof L. Ghiglione is presently 69 years old, and still willing to initiate universal media company since he advocate the use of media in our daily existence. He believes that nothing is impossible in the hands and mind of achiever. This had made him successful in his career life as he was once the president of American Newspaper Society (1989 to 1990) and lastly the chairperson of Executive Deans in the Faculties of Humanities in his country, USA.

Prof Ghiglione arrived in this country on the 13th June, where he visited South African media companies such at Etv, City Press, The Star, SABC Johannesburg and Mail & Guardian to wish them good fortune as FIFA World Cup will be the order of the day in South Africa. He comprehends that every company is good and can survive for a longer provided if owners have high understanding of the country’s economy.

by Aubrey Mokgerere

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