07 July, 2010

Reflection on being part of FJP

Lebogang Mgiba

“Phew”, I don’t even know where to start. Okay, the conference has been an amazing experience since from day 1. There’s a lot that I’ve learnt from the sessions I attended, it helped me to think critically about the world and everything that’s happening around me and not agree on everything people say.

For example, a guy called John from French radio said “journalist’s job is to tell the story as it is-tell what you see; it’s not necessarily about telling the truth”. That statement caused a lot of debate in the conference room as I would like to believe that journalists should always tell the truth and be objective but anyway he’s entitled to his opinion.

I have met a lot of future employees, journalism scholars and one of my favourite authors Guy Berger. Don’t get me wrong, this were not groupie moments, they were strictly professional. Most of the people I met at the conference were not from South Africa but I took their business cards still but I honestly want to work in South Africa. That’s where my heart is. To be honest, it was hectic and we didn’t really get much attention and I would really like to come back again and do more than we did in this round especially activities with a lot of interaction.

I don’t know if I’m mad or what but people were going on and on about how whack is the food, guess what? I enjoyed the food but you can’t blame black people and their tendencies Lol, they probably wanted traditional food, well guess what buddy? This is Highway Africa.

I can’t even remember the name of the res I stay at but all in can say is sophistication, at least it’s a single, I wouldn’t want to expose myself that I snore. It’s a very cool place and clean t the same time. I also tried by all means that I don’t mess it up in any way.

I will definitely miss all the FJP participants; I had a wonderful time with you. It was actually great meeting you and i hope we won’t loose contact. Oh and how can I forget Anele, you were a great host and a great leader, I’m actually glad I met you, you actually a nice person.

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Sungeni 10 said...

Lol lol oh bra, the only food we didn't enjoy was that ABSA pink meat. Whos gonna crack me up here at Rhodes? lol