12 July, 2010

treasure the experience guys

To all the 2010 fjps please receive my warm sincere greeting and recognition for making it to the programme. I hope you will treasure all the experiences you have accumulated during your stay at Rhodes University and Highway Africa. It is the same programme that has made me who I am and some fellow fjps last year. So guys now that you are in your respective institutions of learning, make it a point that you practice what you learnt throughout the programme with your fellow classmates.
It is so sad to see so many students in different institutions desiring to be journalists ,yet they are unable to write stories or to use social sites like: twitter, blogger, zoopy etc. As young and aspiring journalists we need to acclimatise ourselves with these sites.

Wish you all the best as you venture in the discovery of how exciting and rewarding it is to be a journalist.

All the best to Moagisi and Anele for being with the fjps.

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