06 July, 2010

Up close and personal with Chansa Tembo and Harlene Sokaloo

By Sindisiwe Mthembu

Photography is also part of journalism. I have never really liked using a camera to an extent that it takes me some time to put together assignments that have to do with making documentaries or photo essays and honestly enough I haven’t started doing any. But today I met Chansa Tembo. He has achieved a lot and he made this whole documentary making seem interesting that I am now prepared to change my attitude towards it. He gave us a task where we had to shoot a video about democracy and it was great to actually be part of something and to share ideas with other students who don’t study journalism. We wrote down what we think democracy is and took other group ideas and shot a video clip.

This was another way of bringing unity, and I learnt that it is important to respects other people’s views and that if people work together something good will always come out of it. Tembo won the Democracy challenge video of the year and he encouraged us to take part in such activities. I also met Harlene Sokaloo from UKZN, Pietermaritzburg. She is doing 3rd year in politics. She and other students are a part of their university newspaper. It was quite interesting to find out that not all of them do media studies but they came together and decided to start a newspaper. That made me realise how lazy I have been, and how I keep depending on other people to start doing things for me and then I follow them and how I have ignored my potential.

I believe today I learnt something new that if the person next to me can do it I can do it so can I. Hopefully when I go back I will be able to share some of the things I learnt here with other DUT Journalism students and we can start our own university newspaper because being a journalists doesn’t mean one have to wait until they have a diploma but it starts now, writing about anything and getting people to read your stories and that will better our writing skills.

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