07 July, 2010

the final day

by baphe malusi phukwana

Day three of the conference started really for me, I had nice time having breakfast with the guys. Though it was nice being with them, I knew at the back of my mind that it is the last time I’m being with them, sad hey.

Nevertheless is was a great experience for me. I learned a lot of things from each and everyone that I met here. It was nice finding out how other people think and how they view things and also share ideas on how to tackle certain issues when you are in the industry be in the industry.
I have learned a lot how to speak professionally with people and FJP h
as helped me to boost my confidence in socializing, I’ve seen my mistakes and there’s room for improvement in everything. I am with the contacts that I have made during this conference. I will keep in touch with them, as I want them to help me with my career. And I wont lie they were keen on working with me and also helping me get the internship I need.

The highlight of this whole experience is when I met Luks Gidane from Umhlobo Wene FM last night, I must say it was a great platform to meet new people. The other journalism students are really nice, they know what they want and are willing to listen to other people’s ideas. We’ve made friends with each other and its going to be really sad when we leave tomorrow. I so wish we could really come back in September hey.

Today’s sessions were really informative, I really enjoyed them. I could say the topics that really caught my attention is the talk about the use of social networking sites as a tool to inform the people about things happening around the world (breaking news such as the earth quake in Haiti). I really think we should utilise social networking sites and blogs as a way of communication and when I go back to my community and institution I will promote the importance of blogs and social networking sites and that they should engage themselves in social networking activities.

Highway Africa has been an amazing experience I will never forget anyone I met here and I’m great full for the opportunity I got to attend this function. I thoghroughly enjoyed myself. Big ups to Highway Africa and the team.

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