06 July, 2010

Wonderful people I have met during Highway Africa conference.

by Ntshinka Lusizo

Highway Africa’s vision is to gather different people to share ideas, skills and experience. As the future journalist I had to use that golden opportunity to interview different people. It was the mixture of great shock and pleasure to meet A24 media chair person Mr Salim Amin during the conference. A24 media is Africa’s first online delivery site for material from journalists, African broadcasters, and NGO`s from around the continent. Mr Amin started to work as film maker and producer in 1992. He took over from his father who was African journalist Mohammed Mo Amin who died tragically in 1998; he never looked back since then. His vision is to make sure that African media are getting equal opportunities as western media which seem to dominate the African media.

If you thought highway Africa conference was only for Africans you must think again. I bumped to an Asian woman who seems to be more than educated while I was looking for exit, as usual I got interested to her tag and decided to interview her. She is dean of graduate school from Asian institute of journalism and communications, her name is Dr Madeline B. Quianco. Dr Quianco is from Philippines and is in South Africa to share Asian experience with us. She started her carrier as primary school teacher in Philippines while she was still studying communications at institute of journalism and communications. She then became a lecturer after finishing her masters at institute of journalism and communications. She just promoted as Dean of graduate school after a long service as a lecturer.

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Sungeni 10 said...

Ja hey. This conference is filled with people from all around the globe