06 July, 2010

An evening with Patricia

by Asanda Guwa

Last night at the Absa Africa Night dinner, I met a woman by the name of Patricia Sizani. I actually sat next to her by default and am I glad I did? Actually since I’m now sending positive affirmations unto the Universe let me rephrase that and say; it was destiny that led me to sit next to this woman. That sounds better, doesn’t it?

Patricia Sizani’s first words to me were; “When are we starting, we already running 45 minutes late and I still have to catch my flight tomorrow?” now being a second year FJP student who had absolutely nothing to do with the nights programme but still wanting to impress her because she looked important I replied, “soon, we were the last to come in.’’ She did not seem impressed. As the night progressed and the programme started I decide now would be a ‘safe’ time to talk to her find out who she is.

Patricia is the Manager of Corporate Events and PR at Telkom. She works in Pretoria and really loves her work. She started out as a secretary and now holds a very powerful position and she will humbly tell you that she couldn’t have done it without hard work and a sense of humour. Sis’ Patricia’s role and responsibilities include liaising with the media, managing the companies public image, conceptualizing and putting together big and small functions for Telkom clients and business associates, branding the company everywhere she goes , issuing press releases and virtually knowing everything there is to know about Telkom. The things that were captivating about her were her eloquence and the manner in which she conducts herself. That woman knows her story. She knows her story and she knows that she knows her story and that you can see that she knows her story. What a mouthful!

I’m glad I met her, I took her card, I’ve already emailed her and I’m definitely going to see her again.

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Sungeni 10 said...

It wasn't the lady who had too much wine right? lol...