10 July, 2014

241: Double the fun

By Mailula Refilwe
The Assitej family fare is theatre for children (age three and older) at Memory Hall. 

Remarkably, it has journeyed from Fringe in 2003 and 2007 to the Main programme from 2008, to the international scene; and now it’s back again—near the top.

This show is half puppet and half clown, with a bit of magic. It sure is keeping the kids thrilled and begging for more. Adin Paxton tells a tale about Petric’s little adventure in wild bushes (who happen to be the kids).   Few youngsters can resist its joyfully interactive charm. 

241: Double the fun is a highly recommended children’s festival that ignites the stage with ditsy clown in Cherry’s Magic fun show. It is also educational and very interactive, allowing the youngsters to take part.

Paxton ensures that the kids do not fall asleep by colourful and engaging.

This is Paxton, with that unique sense of a humour: “if you liked the show, tell all your friends,” she said.

“And if you didn’t like it, then invite all your enemies!”

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