25 July, 2014


Culture is the arts and manifestation of human achievement regarded collectively. It is the ideas, actions and social behavior of particular people or society. Thus, it drives with the characteristics of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion cuisine, social habit etc. Limpopo is a wild life destination with lot of game and nature reserve including the Northern Kruger National Park. Apart from game viewing and birding, it is a home to remain of ancient culture as an integrating Venda culture.

According to a Sowetan story which was widely reported on by other media outlet, the Venda lobby group welcomed Hlaudi  Motsoeneng to Thohoyandou with the gift of a cow and calf before lining up girls from which the Chief Operating Officer of SABC could pick his wife of choice. The girls were around ten and they paraded for him to choose. He chose the one he liked. Sowetan featured a picture of Motsoeneng with his choice, 23 year-old Venessa Mutswari. Thus, Venessa denied that she was given to anybody as a present and it is not Venda culture, she clarified that she was just an usher nothing more or less.

In generally, to some other people these allegations could be true, depending on the average of understanding the Venda culture. Moreover it is not possible that or for woman to be offered as a gift. However in due to some of Venda customs, it may be believed to be possible by general people. For example, they still practice planned marriage. In specific ceremonies, the Vhavenda king gets to choose a wife, but in these situations the woman is usually from a royal family and the marriage has already been discussed and not everyone would be aware that they have discussed it, especially if one is not a Venda.

The media plays a major role in contrasting the whole South Africa even the world into a single village, for we tend to know what is happening through the media. However, in the case of Motsoeneng, the media have wrongly intervened on this matter. The journalist translated or interpreted what happened on that event inappropriate, and they went for painting without interviewing both victims. By so doing, they jeopardized Mutswari’s marriage because she is engaged.

South Africa is a multicultural country where all citizens exercises their culture freely, and not undermine others culture. In other words, it is key to know others culture. The media plays a major role in portraying various cultures. However, on the case of Motsoeneng and Mutswari, media’s intervenient ruined their lives. Furthermore, South African media intervene much on the failure and not success of culture.

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