18 July, 2014

Celebrating a lifetime Legacy : BY SANDISO NDLOVANA

Today marks the first time the country celebrates the birth of Tata Nelson Mandela without his presence. He may have passed on but his spirit shall forever remain in the lands of South Africa. He was not only a father to the Mandela family but a father to the whole nation. The man whom among others brought this country freedom, he shall be celebrated forever.

Now it all in the hands of the generation he fought for, and we are the generation indeed. Freedom brought lot of opportunities for the nation, especially youth. We are the youth that is free from oppressors, the youth that their voices can be had. When Tata chose peace over revenge; he dreamt of a generation that will walk free in its own lands. It seems we living a dream of a wise man.

The government in it capacity tries to improve our lives in many ways, education in particular. It is true that we are receiving a much better education then our parents did. Yes it not the best in the world but with a pure positive mind, it is a tool for a better life. If a man that the nation is celebrating today was able to obtain that much education during the apartheid era. Than freedom should be enough to strengthen our wings and so we shall fly higher. As a young person I feel in this special day let me weigh myself educational. As Mandela himself encouraged education in one of his famous quotes “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.
In celebrating Mandela day I wish the youth to move from the circle of blaming and pointing figures at the present leaders for everything that goes wrong in this country. Yet we are the very same people voting for them. In my opinion we are those leaders in waiting. Let’s one learn from the great man’s work and fight for the future. The little opportunities we have can definitely take one to better life. In his words “Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do”.

 The time is now for each of us to embrace Madiba’s legacy. As we go out today to do different things spending 67 minutes in community services celebrating his birth. Let it be known that we are not doing this for Madiba anymore but for ourselves. Tata made the nation see the significance of loving one another. The how that love is shared across the country really depends in one’s heart.
In loving memory of Tata Nelson Mandela, celebrations are all over the country. However I hope we are all filled with the same idea of celebrating this day accordingly

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Aviwe Mtila said...

Couldn't have put it better myself buddy. We, as the youth, need to stop being lazy and start securing our own future and that of the following generation. We need stop pointing fingers at our current government. Opportunities are there for those who are willing to make the most of them.