12 July, 2014

For this I am content

Chante Petersen

Experiencing the Grahamstown National Arts festival has been both a professional and personal one. Reviewing for Cue Newspaper, reading a news bulletin for RMR (which went terribly, might I add) and doing interview after interview has greatly pushed my abilities and mind set in my journalism work. Being thrown into fieldwork has been an overwhelming challenge but greatly so in the sense of growth. I’ve stumbled in a few areas but I am grateful for these mistakes because one can only learn.

A perfomer's briefcase
Doing a bit of socialising has also manifested itself into opportunities. I have met and exchanged contact details with a few artists, directors, vendors and culture groups who are also from Cape Town. So as I make my way back home I am able to continue the work as a reviewer.

What I enjoyed most throughout the stay was the energy throughout the town. The streets were alive with both artist and spectator. Engaging with the diversity of the crowd came with such ease. 

As I make my way back home to Cape Town, I leave with clarity, inspiration and growth in the direction of my work. For this I am grateful and content with my first experience of the Grahamstown National Arts Festival. 
Love and light to both Highway Africa co coordinators and FJP colleagues.

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