11 July, 2014


Mailula Refilwe
It’s Tuesday 8 July at Rhodes University. Biblioteek Music Productions are presenting celebrated South African performers Magdalene Minnaar and Magda de Vries in a ritualistic musical event with the marimba and percussion.

According to these performers, rituals are traditionally found in purifications, rights of passage and celebrations of significant life events. They believe that with this ritual musical performance, they are constantly striving towards creating new performance styles, challenging both their art form and their artistry.

Magdalene Minnaar and Magda de Vries  commissioned eight South African composers to write the lyrics for the marimba, percussion and soprano. This ritualistic musical appears to be part of everyday life, hence its appeal to a varied audience. It gives one a chance to connect with one’s spiritual life.

The audiences form part of the ritual from the beginning till the end as they influence the order of the programme by drawing numbers during the performance.

The Ritual show is evidence that through choral music one can be in a tranquil state. 

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