12 July, 2014

My FJP winter experience


Upon my arrival in Grahamstown I had mixed emotions, a part of me was excited and looking forward to the programme yet the other part was sceptical due to the cold weather in the town.  I didn’t know what to expect and before I knew it, the programme itself warmed me up and the organisers didn’t disappoint in keeping the fire burning.
After having a good rest on Monday 7th, I woke up looking forward to watch the first show which I was assigned to the following day, titled Abadala First.  Wow, I have to admit that for someone who is not into stage drama like me, this particular show was a definite start to trigger my enthusiasm because it helped me to look forward to watch other shows.

The content of the play was original and profound yet easy to relate to as it contained a strong human interest angle.   I enjoyed the fact that it was not only entertaining but it was also educative and informative.  It expanded my mind into a lot of issues that we leave in the mist of in society, most of them which we do not pay attention to or rather afraid to talk about.

A chilled musical performance on the street
Furthermore it was a humbling experience to observe the beauty of art in the National Arts Festival, I’ve learnt a lot and I’ve seen a lot of interesting and talented people who are also passionate about the work of their hands.  I also enjoyed the diversity of cultures which was expressed in different ways, and I couldn’t have asked for more, it was total bliss.


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