12 July, 2014

More than just a festival, a message to my being

Bongani Mtshwene

For a first time Arts Festival goer, I feel like I have been here for ages; the scenery, ambience and the haphazard movements of people roaming about individually, but their lives connected by the arts in this vast universe of life.
My experiences in Grahamstown have not only opened my eyes but they have awakened something deep within, a longing for a sense of expression, and excellence.
The Festival has brought out the child in me, from fine art, fire blowing, dance and delicacies I’d never eaten before, the child within prompted the adult in me to relax and enjoy the scene.
Some of the beautiful art pieces showcased at the National Arts Festival this year.
All these experiences have turned me to an even better journalist and I would like to thank the FJP and all the co-ordinators for this experience, I guess it is true that the best things in life are free.
I have learned how to meet deadlines in quite short time frames, the hustle of radio and Kgali slave driving us is something I won’t forget.
The thrill of writing stories that touch the heart and not only the mind is something I am trying to incorporate, Sim Kyazze has told me a lot about life beyond everyday reporting.
And before my colleagues and I disperse, I am faced with the significant words that I had to embrace this week.
The words of Chris Kabwato: To be and remain curious, to always listen and to be skeptical.

Thank you Highway Africa.

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