12 July, 2014

The fest of my life

Siyamtanda Capa

For years I watched the live broadcast of the National Arts festival and its many events on SABC 2’s Morning Live. This year I got to experience the festival and for that I have the Future Journalist Program to thank.
Actor and dancer Chuma Sopotela in 20/20 visions 

One thing that stood out for me was the people at fest and their quirky fashion, their unique hair (absolute blog material).
 The fashion people made looking unique and stylish so effortless. Hippies with their children who walk barefoot. For me this festival was one filled with a lot, I would never see back home, together with what South Africans are all about-Diversity.
Grahasmstown- Gtown (as locals call it) is well known for its unfriendly weather conditions and the temperatures dropped to 2 degrees but yes, I got through it all. 
The theatre experience- I have never been one to appreciate the arts, specifically the performing arts but being here getting the opportunity to attend shows, was eye opening. One production in particular stood out for me. Seeing Paul Grootboom’s Protest with Desmond Dube in it with three of my colleagues left me in absolute awe.

I was fortunate enough to attend a show called 20/20 Visions a four piece choreography production which made me look at my past and future as a young South Africa in a different light.
Besides the delicious coffee the wonderful food and the wonders of the media pass, attending the National Arts festival has made me look at the arts in a different way I came here with no Idea and left with the utmost respect. I will return.

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