11 July, 2014

She Bellows...Really She Does!

Jackson Malatji
If you looking for an exotic and seductive theatre production, She Bellows is definitely a show for you!

Taking place in a doll factory, it features a ‘doll master’ and his seven dolls. The show (written and directed by Zimkitha Kumbaca @miz_zimkitha), depicts the sexual objectification of men by women and their attitudes and perceptions on issues such as rape and women abuse women.

The uncensored play included some exotic twerking moves, sexy costumes, poetry, opera music and swear words and phrases. It’s definitely not for any under-18.

She Bellows promotes feminism, equality and encourages women to be independent of men and grab the ‘bull’ by its proverbial horns as illustrated on the play's logo (look for the bull—ironically!)
Well written and directed, the play is  for both men and females, where vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming men for the way they treat and perceive women as their "dolls".

One to watch if you looking for sex tips and relationship advice, not for sensitive people.

She Bellows has a last show at the Kingswood Theatre 11 July at noon.

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