12 July, 2014

The beauty that is the fest

Mamosa Kekana

Coming from a province so far, Limpopo one can already comprehend that this was my first time at the festival. My second stopover to this quiet and ancient town proved to be an experience and a half, I haven’t seen it this busy, and so jovial. I must say the weather proved to be insufferable the first two days, but I ultimately got used to it.

Some of the crafts on
display at the village green
 I managed to catch three shows. And I must say there was one that stood out for me Ezekiel Dlamini the musical based on a true story depicting the life and times of the former heavy weight boxer. It was spectacular. Besides the show I got the opportunity to taste the most delicious food and saw some of the most remarkable crafts the world has to offer. Met people from all over South Africa from diverse tribal groups.

What I learned from this whole experience? I learned that South Africa has diverse cultures and astounding talent, we have a lot of stories to tell and The Festival made sure they were heard. I learned to appreciate the beauty that is art and the rich culture we have.

My highlight of this whole ordeal was seeing Lira perform live for the first time in my life,  What a talented being, I was left amazed and yelling ‘encore’ at the finale of the show.

The GrahamstownNational Arts festival can definitely expect my second arrival soon.
Thank you highway Africa..Peace!

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