12 July, 2014

And Cut!


Sbongakonke Mbatha

Copper handmade bangles
like these magic words said by a director at the end of a scene or a show. It’s a wrap. It’s time to get back to my form of reality, home. The festival has been a fantasy. An amazing show. It was all about the art. As an artist myself I must say I was absolutely entertained once I got to absorb all the wonderful energies that surrounded me. What fascinated me the most is the fact that everyone wanted to do something and be known. I saw crafts that I had never seen before in my life.
The importance of communication, understanding and appreciation was what I learnt from conversing with different stall owners all around town.BonifaceChikwenhere said “It is not entirely about making money, appreciation of my work”.  I understood an individual perception of an artist. Kalu Tshabalala, a copper wire jeweller. A wise man.  What he said was profound. He said ‘A had that gives shall receive’ and then gave me a pair of earrings.

Not once did he try and convince me to buy any of his jewellery before that. My entertainment satisfaction travelled from craft to music. I couldn’t help but be star struck when I got to watch The Muffinz at the Smirnoff Music Room. They are the best South African boy band I have ever seen. Just when I thought my night couldn’t get any better, jazz with Asanda Mqiki just made my night warmer.

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