12 July, 2014

Lira made my festival great

Thembani Onceya

It has been unusual performances happening on the streets, halls are all used for stage performances and there are young kids who are trying to make money by being statues all over the town.
IRhini/Grahamstown is always packed with artists who came from all over South Africa to sell their work, expose their products and to also network with each other.
Lira signing autograph at the Settlers Monument

This is the 40th anniversary of National Art Festival and I am the participant of the Future Journalism Programme. So I had an opportunity to attend few productions and to write reviews for Cue newspaper. The first show I attended was ‘Prince Senie- the curse of Logoza’ which was an expression of music, dance and monologues. The show got me excited to watch more. Then I went to watch ‘Kwa Nongqongqo’ which is the story of two prisoners who dream about life outside the prison bars.  Both of these productions were my reviews and were published in Cue newspaper.

This was not enough; I thought the festival in town does not mean people have no festival in the township. Then I went to Fingo Festival, where I saw the local talent and the majority were Grahamstown performers. The festival was happening at Raglan Road in Kwa Jackie market square. There were young kids, youth and adults having entertainment from many different artists.
It wouldn’t be what it meant to me until; I went to Lira’s show at Guy Buttler Theatre hall in Settlers Monument. I am speechless about her performance. I don’t have words to say.


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