12 July, 2014

Ubu and The Truth Commission

Aviwe Mtila
The mere fact that this theatre production was filled to capacity indicates the extent of its appeal.
Produced by the Handspring Puppet Company, Ubu and The Truth Commission combines puppetry with live acting, animation and documentary footage. While it is guaranteed to have you laughing most of the way, it will also get you on the emotional side as it reflects on the past injustices of the apartheid era.
Pa Ubu (played by David Minnaar) is a former police general from the apartheid era. Memories of all the people he tortured and murdered keep haunting him every night, so he constantly takes a walk in the evening with his three dogs.
Ma Ubu (played by Busi Zokufa) is convinced that her husband must be seeing other women with all his late night activities, while she is ironically unaware of his dark and murderous past.
 This is all happening while the TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission) is taking place and Pa Ubu is tempted to confess stating that the righteous can forgive the unrighteous, but decides against it.
Scenes of the TRC are evident in the play with family members giving explicit details of what happened to their loved ones. Eventually Ma Ubu finds documents and lots of other evidence that link her husband to his horrifying sin.

It’s a good trawl through South African history. Special mention must be made of the protagonists, David Minaar and Busi Zokufa

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