12 July, 2014

A life-changing experience

Lynn Butler

I attended my first National Arts Festival this year, thanks to Highway Africa and Future Journalist Programme (FJP). My expectations were high, as I knew that this was the second biggest arts festival in the world.

Arriving in Grahamstown, you could feel the festive and exciting atmosphere. People, from all over the world and South Africa, arrived to see one and array of artistry performed. The streets were flooded with young and old from different cultural backgrounds. The diverse culture in art came from their performances on the stage, whether it is: dancing, singing, acting, painting, welding, wood making or any art element imaginable. 
A shot of uNontombi's Musical Play

My experience has been mind-blowing, I’ve learnt so much culture wise and journalistic wise. I’ve learnt the pressure of making deadlines, whilst creating quality work. I have looked at different cultural and art entities with a new perspective. The shows were exceptional, especially Cole Porter and his friends, uNontombi's Musical Play and Mzansi Sunshine. Also walking through the small business stalls and seeing unique and various items sold, it was hard to walk through there and not buy anything.

At the end of the festival, I’ve realised that I have a stronger passion for the arts and I would really like to do entertainment journalism. This experience has been life changing as I’ve seen and experienced things that I’ve never experienced before. I would definitely come back next year and the years to come.

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