12 July, 2014

Music from the mountains

Mzimazi Ngesi who plays free shows in Grahamstown 
MamosaKekana and SimvuyeleMageza
Sitting right at the entrance to The Village Green Fair on the Rhodes University campus, he is never without shining black guitar or his soulful music. It’s Mzimazi Ngesi.
Speaking in isXhosa, Ngesi tells stories of the life he has lived and shares his experiences and lessons. He looks humble; he’s certainly soft-spoken and appreciates nature and his surroundings. He plays intense and intimate music pieces about love, pain, suffering and joy. He composes his own songs, drawing from his own life experiences.
He provides entertainment at the National Arts Festival and asks for nothing in return, except for the occasional tip in a jar. He lives for the music in his heart and he says this year’s Arts Fest has been the best he has seen in a long time.
“This year has been great. There is a much bigger turnout now than all the other times I’ve been here. I come here every year so I have an idea of what normally happens here.”

Mzimazi Ngesi still has free shows at the Village Green until the end of the festival—13 July, 2014. 

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