12 July, 2014

All art forms in Grahamstown


Noxolo Nhlangothi

Right from the first day of my arrival Grahamstown did look different, from the hectic traffic of cars, people and the busy night life I knew the National arts festival was going to be interesting. It is definitely different from most that I have seen. This united almost everyone from musicians, actors, comedians, dancers and different business owners who all came together and contributed.
one of the free shows at the village green
The first show I saw “speak sign love” only had one line in it, I only had to keep focus and follow the plot and review, for a play that had limited dialogue it was good. The fact that I had a working partner that has had a bit of experience helped me learn a lot faster than I normally would alone. And then there was a comedy show by Dalin oliver which for me was really well prepared, the guy is very funny even talks to his audience like they are all his best friends after the show.

Free shows were also there even when you just walk up or further down the street. Then there was my biggest challenge which I think is the highlight of my training process, putting together radio news report and going around for stories was a bit challenging since I was not used to walking up to people and just ask for their stories. Reading news for the first time was the scariest feeling but I gained a lot of new knowledge, all my trainers were patient and great.

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