12 July, 2014

My Experience On The Natinal Arts festival

Thokozani Shongwe

Mingling with different tribes in Grahamstown
also really shows me that South Africans are enjoying the freedom which was left by the resilient Nelson Mandela. I have gain experience from Lira performance that South African must practice their freedom. I have experience that people must not always rebel for the government about shortage of job opportunities while have sit down with their hands I have taken these from one artist at the Church Square.
Xhosa dancers in their cultural attire 
The show for Nomakhisimsi gave experience that people must be faithfully in their relationship, must say no to illiterate generation and not being ignorant of what is going on around you. I loved the advice which was given by the Director of Highway Africa Mr Chris that in life one must be curious, listen and also be skeptical.
Body connectivity works in life I saw this on the Cargo: Precious show. Also that Captivity is something that one is born with the only that can be taught are the skills not the talent. Acclimatizing at the situation is the resolution to go on with life then forget about bad memories. Human traffic still exists.
What really impressed is that people are proud of their culture; I have seen these because nations were dressing their attire without any fear of favor. It would be unfair to leave the activities given by FJP I gained much experience radio production, reviewing shows and many more. I’m now sharpened as a Future Journalist.


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