10 July, 2014

Rapping for a cellphone

Thembani Onceya, whose stage name is Zion aka Zion Eyes, will perform 11 July 2014

Thembani Onceya
 Local rappers will be MC duty for a Nokia Lumia 900 cellphone at Fingo Library in Grahamstown on Friday 11 July 2014. The Around Hip Hop workshop and competition is organised by Fingo Festival and AletteSchoon (a lecturer at the Rhodes School of Journalism & Media Studies).

Xolile Madinda, director of the Fingo Festival, said he expected big things for the day. “Rappers will have to write a verse about Fingo Festival theme ‘20 Fourrrrr Thina’ and record it,” he said. The studio will come with Adol Gel for recording rappers for the competition.

According to Schoon (who is also a student at the Universityof Cape Town), this is a research on digital practises for her Ph D, there is dignity in Hip Hop MCs sketching their process of recording and getting R20 airtime. The competition is part of a half-day workshop to help local Hip-Hop stars to refine their delivery. 

Bhavana Harrilal known as “Poppy” said she will facilitate the use of microphone and cell phone. “This is about how to master the way you handle your microphone. It could also be cell phone it depends on what people use for their music,” she said. Harrilal added that it’s telling you about how to make a best of what you have. 

One of the local artists, Siyabonga Yafele said that he was ready.
“I will try my best to win the competition,” he said. Yafele added that all rappers from Grahamstown must show up and showcase their talent.    

Fingo Festival is a platform for anyone to share and learn. It provides for children and adults.

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