12 July, 2014

For the love of art

Mailula Refilwe

Art and Craft  at the streets.

I‘ve always wondered why people give up fascinating careers to become artist, performers, musicians and the likes.  For once it never appeared to me that, following your heart can be so great and exciting. But to my surprise, that all changed when I became part of the national arts festival.
This is not because I was part of the media, or that I was a part of the future journalism programme.  It’s simply because of the love of art. For the good work others do.  For the passion reflected in the artists’ work.
I couldn’t resist but take more and more pictures of the magnificent work that was being portrayed at the stalls and streets.

As  for the shows, I can't lie, others where as if  they never  bothered to rehears. They were just making unnecessary movements on stage. Nonetheless,  from all the shows that I’ve watched, the one that really stood out and took my full concentration is the theatre play called Protest. It got me wishing that I was part of the cast. The roar I made when they engaged us (the audience) into the play was phenomenal.
From these eleven days of amazing shows I can proudly say   kea leboga (thank you) national arts festival, for rejuvenating my soul.


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