12 July, 2014

My first time was during FJP

 Thandi Bombi
 As a journalist I feel I have had an opportunity to experience The National Arts Festival in a way that ordinary people will never get the chance to experience it in. This life changing realisation took place after watching my eighth show up for review on Cue newspaper. Strategy of Grey is a play I walked into believing I was just there to get facts, adjectives and a star rating out of five. It turned out to be a beautiful, complex play that deals with revenge, love and forgiveness.
The mere fact that I was almost moved to tears made me appreciate the task I had at hand, to write a convincing enough review so that my audience is motivated to go watch the show. That’s when I realised the importance of my job.
What did I get out of the National Arts Festival?
National Arts Festival's Village Green 
I learnt the true meaning of being a journalist. Every word, metaphor, exaggeration makes a difference and there is a lot of power in the words I have had the honour to write during this period.
I also learnt to appreciate new art forms I had never been exposed to. A good example is the dance performance No Air which was a magnificent exploration of the possible ways the world could end.

The festival brought with it excitement and appreciation for the arts but the most important thing I got from the festival was the confirmation that this is the career I want to go into.

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