12 July, 2014

My experience at the National Arts Festival

One of the venues where performances took place

Aviwe Mtila

It is experiences like the National Arts Festival that make me truly appreciate my blessings in life.

Having to cover such a huge, national event can only be a privilege and I certainly enjoyed every second of everyday.

The highlight of my first day is having to watch and review the world class theatre play, Ubu and the Truth Commission. What really amazed me about this play was how it combined puppetry with live actors, music, animation and documentary footage. The duration of the play seemed like a minute to me because of how entertaining it is.

I enjoyed all the shows I had to review but I must also mention the cultural show I attended with Lynn Butler, uNontombi Musical Play, which made me appreciate my culture more.

The radio exercises were another enjoyable experience and I must thank Kgali for the knowledge gained through the exercises and for being patient with us.

It would be unfair to leave out all the other exercise we were tasked, a lot of knowledge has been gained through this programme.

Thank you to everyone involved in making the FJP possible and please do continue with the great work you are doing.

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