12 July, 2014

National Art Festival 2014 Experience

Sandiso Ndlovana

I have always had about the national art festival that happens in Grahamstown yearly. People around the world have talked about it through all kinds of communication channels.

2014 is the year I had the experience for the first time in my life. All fun and excitement were overwhelming. Having to see different people around the world has really been great. I had to attend theatrical production shows, which is something I enjoyed.
Then there was RMR, the radio station. It was the first time again in my life to really learn how radio production works. Thanks to the RMR team for being lenient with me. They really did their best to accommodate me and taking me through the radio experience.
Artworks at the street market

Wow the Macbeth Afrikaans version is my highlight of the festival. I wish writers could do that more, especially with the Shakespeare’s plays because most of their original versions are quite complicated in my opinion.

Lastly I was blessed with the Lira show. She one of the most selling artist in Mzansi and she is loved by many people even internationally. I must say the Art Festival has been great to me and a special thanks to the Future Journalism Program team for giving me such an opportunity in my life.

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