24 July, 2009

A bad Sunday

I thought Sunday was supposed to be the best day of the week. We go to church on that day so I concluded that God is supposed to be with us and some how make it the best day. Not this past Sunday.

I wake up late and my mother is on my case, shouting who is going to cook if you are still sleeping? How you will never get married because oa tswafa (your lazy).

I thought it was the end of the bad day only to find out it was the beginning. I get into a fight with my twelve year old brother Junior and he pushes me into a bath tub full of water. Nice swim, I know.

When I get to church the Pastor asks me to read the bible and I make a mess out of it, I just can’t see the words written in the holy book. Talk about an embarrassment in front of the congregation.

To make matters worse I decide to take my dad’s car and go to my friend’s house(Tendani) to fetch my keys as I was suppose to return to school, the car dies on me and I got a good hiding which I deserved anyway.

T hen my dad decides to take me to Tendon’s house. When I get there her dog that doesn’t bite decided to make me its first victim. Shame I know the worst is still to come, when my mom takes me to Campus daddy dearest does not give me pocket money. That was a long night. I listened to my stomach talk back at me and all I could do was listen.

All I could say was thank God Sunday is over because it had been a Badday for me.
Monday was not good just not as bad as Badday.

By Hunadi Ralebipi


Jane-09 said...

now that was a bad sunday indeed!

Masebe-09 said...

I am sorry to hear about what happened to you. That said I am sure after you realised you got your first distinction ever everything changed. You must be a happy indivivual around there right now and your dad must have given you some pocket money afterwards ha ha ha.