10 July, 2009

The journey, which one will always miss

As the lights fade, the curtain comes down and the noise drifts away with the wind. It is the end of another fabulous show. Rehearsal began in April with showings in July and the Final performance will be in September.

Excitement began this journey travelled so far and I’m Amanda (Onamandla) not talking about the 12 hour bus drive I’m talking about the first time we took to the streets of Grahamstown to find a story, to speak to people, to take pictures and capture the best of the Grahamstown Arts Festival. For some of us it has been an endless spiral of highs and for others it has been 10 days of sleep deprivation and 10 days of amazing.

Experience is the key to get any foot in the door, but when there is a programme like Future journalist programme, supported by Highway Africa it makes ones opportunity greater. One has been given a opportunity that most dream of. Personally I have once again come full circle. It’s always been my dream to be part of the Grahamstown festival and it was even better when it came in the form of being a journalist. Let us not forget those that makes such opportunities available for us to indulge in, people like Sim Kyazze, whom I must say is an absolute inspiration of intelligence and power of knowledge. Then Moagisi Letlhaku, an outstanding woman who stands proudly in her league, not justifying, not explaining, but showing her power by her words and actions.

Then to the team that I work with, you are all superb. Each one of you presents something new to table. Some of us are experiencing things for the first time others are just getting used to the usually, but the fact remains we have all learned, educated, experienced and endeavoured into something we didn’t know much about. Thank you for that chance.

I believe that the God I serve watches us and has placed us strategically, so that we can learn together, build each other and embody the brotherly love that this nation needs. Thank you, may the good Lord bless you and keep, till we meet again. Hambani Kahle

Amanda Onamandla Mathe - FJP

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