08 July, 2009

From somebody about someone

There are two types of journalists in the world-one that comes with stories and the other one comes with excuses.
No one wants to be the second type of journalist end up taking everything our sources give us. We do only want them so we can meet our dead-lines. We end up not checking the facts or the motives of our sources. It’s good to look at all angles when you write a story because that is the only way you can double check the facts and give your story balance. Every story has more than one side and those sides need to be represented. That is why I think it’s difficult to be a journalist especially at this point in time when people use media to push their own agendas. We have to understand that our stories are about real people and might have their own agendas.
To make sure that as a journalist you do not fall in this trap of (being used by people) is as simple as ABC. Accuracy, Balance and Credibility.
Bongani Mthethwa – FJP ’09

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