24 July, 2009

One distinction

People get excite when they look at their report cards and see a couple of distinctions while others are sad when they see only one distinction on their report cards, but for me it was different.

After the worst Sunday one can ever come from, the Tuesday was awesome and that made me believe the saying that says after every storm comes sunshine. I got my report card and to my surprise I had a distinction in Media Studies. I know you’re probably saying “wow lets all jump for joy Nadi” but it is the first distinction I ever got. It has always been I almost, I was nearly there, just two more marks and I would have and my sister would laugh and say, should have, could have, would have and today I’m going home to burst her should have, could have, would have bubble because now I made it.

I always knew I was capable and I have just proved it to myself.

I’d like to thank everyone who said I would never get it because they are the ones that gave me the I will get it spirit. You guys are my inspiration.

If I can do it, you who have not got a distinction yet, don’t worry your time will come.
Just keep on keeping on.

By Hunadi Ralebipi


Anele-09 said...

Ah! Well done my dearest!... Theres a lot more power where that one came from. kepp it up.

Samu-09 said...

Well done girl that is an achievement. I was also thrilled with myself when I got a distinction in journalism last year.