09 July, 2009

Stop jokes about Zuma

Last night I decided with my friends that we go out and watch the repeat of Vortex at the Monument. Guess we liked their performance last week and we just thought – why not. But to our amazement, the show was a flop.

So you think you’re funny winner, Sifiso Nene cracked the jokes and he had his flow with the audience. Until he made a joke about Zuma, the audience went quiet and furious. He said the crime rates were high in SA, Zuma is the president, Shaik is out of prison and so on – I mean everybody just stared at him with angry looks but he eventually tried to redeem his stature by changing the joke.

I am sure everybody has had enough about Zuma and it’s time to accept him as our president. I appeal to all comedians to do so too, otherwise they won’t have audiences in their shows anymore.

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