08 July, 2009

Papa G Live at Festival

Papa G is live at Fest
Jeffrey Shisinga

The famous Isindingo actor Darlington Michaels has been catching a few shows during the National Arts Festival. This reporter last saw him attending Money Maker, a Abangani Theatre production written and directed by Julian Seleke-Mokoto.

Unlike most other celebrities who cooped themselves up, Michaels enjoyed talking to ordinary people before going in for the show.

“I’m not influenced by the television, but I influence the television,” he said as he waved his fingers, which as full of rings in real life as they for his Papa G. character on Isidingo.

You can catch Michael’s ‘Who’s To Blame’, a play he wrote and directed on the 10 July at 10:00 NG Kerk

Jeffrey Shisinga is a Journalism student at University of Limpopo. He is participating in the Future Journalists Programme Winter School at Rhodes University.

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