29 July, 2009

Round Number Two!

Any soccer lovers out there? Nandisa I know you are reading this my fellow buccaneer. A lot of people argued with me when I told them that Kaizer Chiefs F.C were lucky to have emerged as victors after Thursday's Vodacom league game against Pirates. I am happy that the two Soweto giants have been drawn to play against each other on Saturday in the Telkom Charity Cup. Maybe I was just being obsessed.

One important thing about the upcoming clash is that, it is not only about the football that is going to be played but the needy, people who can't help themselves. From the money made out of the voting system used to determine the participants in the tournament to the gate takings at the stadium, that will all be shared among derseving different charitity organisations around the country. I am happy to have made my little contribution by making sure that I voted for my beloved team to be part of the equation. D-Bongs I know you are also reading this remember we have a score to settle.

Let us all let football be the winner in the end for the benefit of charity.

By: Masebe Qina


sibusiso said...

I know Sabs and in a spirit of sharing I wish you all best man but all i can say lets wait until the final whistle. And may the best team win.

Bongani-09 said...

I don't know about settling the score because we (Kaizer Chiefs)have won the Charity Cup ten times now but in a spirit of sharing ya. I don't think we should say its a Round number two because in our first clash of the season it was a knock-out and you got iTKO maybe we should its a second chance for you. All in all the best team must win for the charities because they need this more than we do. Amakhosi for life maybe Buccaners for lunch I don't know.

Bongani-09 said...

Sabs. In the spirit of sharing I think the charities won and we (Kaizer Chiefs) was of course for lunch but this is not over yet we have MTN 8, ABSA Primiership games so anything could happen. Bucaneers for life!!!!