10 July, 2009

Goodbye FJP

FJP artsfest coverage is over and done with.
Next step is to shop some and then pack, because I’m soooooo going home now.
I’ll miss the group though; I met many nice persons, hope we keep in touch even if we are apart. I’ll miss the nice neighbourhood and clean pavement. I'll miss going to the lab in the morning just to tweet. I’ll miss the venues, where I really felt that South African people love art not just because they want to be seen or to make money out of it. I’ll miss speaking English too...okay, that’s a HUGE lie.

I’ll miss a hell lot of things but I have to let them go and get on with my life because it’s the right thing to do, I guess. You can’t live in a memory of the past, you have to keep going, meet more nice people and see more clean pavement and nice neighbourhoods. You have to start being a journalist for real too, of course.
I guess that’s my final goodbye to FJP. Hope we hear from each other.
By Sophiane Bengeloun
Pic: okosun peter

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